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    The Benefits of Door and Window Security Screens

    Windows and glass doors are among some of the most vulnerable access points in a home. They are a real threat to the safety and security of your loved ones and property. Criminals are able to break the glass and unlock the entry of such doors and windows. The best solution for such safety issues is to install a security screen like door and window shutters. This is the latest innovation which has become quite a trend due to the many benefits associated with it. This article will highlight some of the most important advantages of installing a security screen for doors and windows in your home and great tips if you are planning a home extension.

    One type of security screen is actually a window film that is applied directly onto the glass in order to make it more difficult to break. This film is now available on the market with 42 micro-layers of strength and is tear resistant. This type of security screen can deter even a criminal armed with a hammer or heavy tool for that matter. It will slow down the criminal significantly and the homeowner would be able to take action to avoid the breaking-in during such time. The other advantage is that the window film is designed to hold onto the broken glass and not damage anyone with flying glass shards.

    Window film will not deter a criminal carrying a gun as it is not designed to stop bullets. There is another type of window screen which is manufactured to withstand any attack on the window or door. It will almost provide an impenetrable barrier for any type of attack with a hammer, knife or even an assault rifle. Even though security screens will not stop a bullet altogether, they are able to resist further cutting or tearing of the surface. They will make sure that the opening created by the bullet is not large enough to reach through and unlock a door or window. These screens are available in either 18-gauge perforated stainless steel or stainless steel wire mesh. These screens are then attached to windows and doors using tamper-proof screws. They will not hinder the usual operation of windows and doors.

    The many benefits associated with this type of security screen include:

    . They cannot be cut, pried open or kicked-in
    . Protects the family and property
    . Burglary resistant
    . Safeguard your pets as they cannot go through this screen
    . Blocks more than 60% of harmful UV rays
    . Ease of use, entry, and exit for householders

    The aforementioned are some of the most important benefits of security screens for doors and windows.

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