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    Car, Home & Emergency Locksmiths

    It is not a well-known fact, but it is important to note that locksmith services vary from professional to professional. To find the correct locksmith for your specific circumstance, it is vital that you are aware of the different types of locksmith services. You should know who they are, how they operate, and what to expect from the technician to ensure you get your money’s worth. Here we¬†provide information on the three most common types of locksmith services: the car or auto locksmith; the emergency locksmith; and the residential locksmith.

    1. The Auto Locksmith

    The auto locksmith, also known as the car locksmith, is one of the most common and frequently used types of locksmith technician. This professional is typically contacted when an individual requires emergency services related to an automobile situation; for example when the keys have been locked in the car or the keys have broken in the ignition. An auto locksmith responding to this situation will utilise specific types of tool to provide vehicle locksmith opening services. This tool is specifically designed to manipulate car locks and work with car keys. Also, the car locksmith will provide services to make keys and replace keys for the client’s car ignition or doors.
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    2. The Emergency Locksmith

    In addition to providing services to vehicle owners, the emergency locksmith can assist homeowners and business owners with their locking difficulties. One of the most common problems this type of locksmith faces is the individual being locked out of their residence. In this particular situation, the emergency locksmith will offer an emergency lockout/opening service to the individual. To provide this service, the technician will utilise a specific locksmith tool or method known as the lock bumping. This lock bumping technique allows the professional to quickly enter the residence and complete locksmith services.

    Commercial customers who enlist the services of an emergency locksmith will typically have been the victims of a burglary. The issue facing the locksmith is to repair broken door locks that may have been damaged during the criminal activity. It is important to note that the defining feature of an emergency locksmith is their speedy response time, generally within a few hours of the call. Also, one can expect emergency locksmiths to offer a toll-free 24-hour fast response guarantee as part of their service.

    3. The Residential Locksmith

    The residential (home) locksmith is used for the purpose of installing standard locks to the residential property. This type of locksmith service is the standard service and can also be utilised by commercial clients. It is expected that this professional will be the most knowledgeable about standard locks and will offer the best variety of locks available. When choosing a lock, this individual should be able to provide recommendations on which option would best suit your property needs. Of course, installation is only one of the services offered by this type of locksmith. If required, the residential locksmith will be able to repair, change or upgrade the lock in question.

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